Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Protect The Boss

Eventually, I finished watching korean drama Protect The Boss.So sweet..Love this drama damn much.Interesting,happy and a little bit sad especially when they need to break up when asked by Ji Heon's father(Ji Sung).Lets listen the songs that i love from this drama

I'll Protect You

This song touched my heart a lot @_@

Then, the second song i like the most is Let Us just Love

Happy Watching to who still do not watching it yet!!U will not regret if watching it.Believe me T_T


Sholihah said...

salm cikngah.. heheh.. salam ziarah... cikngah, citer ni best eh cikngah... sy hantu citer korea cikngah.. ^_^ br abis tgk citer greatest love..

♥♥Cikngah♥♥ said...

cte ni best yang.sgt2 best.i like it more and more n more than greatest love.tgkla.kompom x nyesal.hehe..